Board of Trustees

Scott Mitchell
Scott MitchellVCHWF Chair
I am a Founder and Trustee of the Vulcan County Health and Wellness Foundation since 2012. …
Louise Markert
Louise MarkertVCHWF Treasurer
I have been a Trustee of the Vulcan County Health and Wellness Foundation since 2014. I am the current …
Darian Ashbacher
Darian AshbacherVCHWF Secretary
I am a newer trustee, current Secretary, and ‘import’ to the Vulcan County area. I grew up on a mixed beef and grain farm…
Glen Hutton
Glen HuttonVCHWF Trustee
My wife Vicki and I were raised in Calgary. When I graduated from the U of C with my education degree,…
Hugh N. Campbell
Hugh N. CampbellVCHWF Trustee
On April 8, 1956, I was born in the old Vulcan General Hospital that my Grandfather was the general contractor…
Jim Hendry
Jim HendryVCHWF Trustee
I am a new VCHWF Trustee.  My wife Cathy and I lived in Vulcan from 1980 to 1990 when I was stationed here with the RCMP….  
Toni Garlock
Toni Garlock VCHWF Trustee
I am really pleased to be a newly appointed trustee on the Vulcan County Health & Wellness Foundation. …
Shilo Andrews-Brauer
Shilo Andrews-BrauerVCHWF Trustee
I am a newly appointed trustee on the Vulcan County Health & Wellness Foundation and have called Vulcan County home my entire life….
Lorelei Bexte
Lorelei BexteVCHWF Trustee
I am pleased to be a newly appointed (2021) Trustee of the Vulcan Health and Wellness Foundation and join a passionate…
Sandra Locken
Sandra LockenVCHWF Trustee
Although my family has farmed in the Vulcan and Foothills County areas for over 100 years, I fell into the jewellery industry quite by accident….
Paulette Wagenvoort
Paulette WagenvoortVCHWF Ambassador AHS Representative
I began my carrier as a Registered Nurse in Vulcan County. In 1993 I started nursing at Little Bow Continuing Care Center,…
Lorna Armstrong
Lorna Armstrong VCHWF Ambassador Volunteer
I am a Town of Vulcan Councillor appointed to the Vulcan County Health and Wellness Board. …
Jodie Gateman
Jodie GatemanVCHWF Ambassador Vulcan County Representative
I am an owner and operator of a mixed agricultural enterprise alongside my husband, all while raising fourth-generation farmers….

Barbara Moore Coffey
Barbara Moore CoffeyVCHWF Ambassador Town of Vulcan Representative
Barbara Moore Coffey has had the opportunity to have volunteered and worked for many multidisciplinary organizations ….
Amy Tiegen
Amy TiegenVCHWF Ambassador Golf Committee & 24-Hour Golf Challenge
My name is Amy Tiegen, and I am proud to be an Ambassador for the Vulcan County Health and Wellness Foundation…
Jeff Mix
Jeff MixVCHWF Ambassador Golf Committee
I’m honoured to share why I’ve become an Ambassador for the Vulcan County Health and Wellness Foundation …
Kelly Nash
Kelly NashVCHWF Ambassador Vulcan County Wide Wellness Challenge
I first joined the Vulcan County Health and Wellness Challenge when Chinook Credit Union became a sponsor …

Past Service

Andre Lacoursiere
Andre LacoursiereVCHWF Vice Chair
I am Andre Lacoursiere.  I moved to Vulcan in November of 2000.
Along with my wife Jacquie, …
Gord Nelson
Gord NelsonVCHWF Trustee
I have lived in the Arrowwood Milo area all of my life. I have raised my family there, and I continue to farm…
Donna Anderson
Donna AndersonVCHWF Trustee
I am pleased to be one of the original trustees of the Foundation. Prior to its inception, I recall having…
Jim McNiven
Jim McNivenVCHWF Ambassador Volunteer, retired Trustee
I joined The Vulcan County Health and Wellness Foundation as one of the founding members at …
Shane Cockwill
Shane CockwillVCHWF Ambassador
I have been a Vulcan County Councillor since Oct 2016. I have represented Vulcan County as an Ambassador …
Peggy Hovde
Peggy HovdeVCHWF Trustee
I have lived in Carmangay for the past 53 years. Twenty-five years of that time I spent working in the Health …
Brenda Findlay
Brenda FindlayVCHWF Trustee
I have been a resident of Vulcan County since 1977. Throughout the years, I was intimately involved….

In Memoriam

Donna Graham
Donna GrahamVCHWF Trustee
Donna Leigh Graham (nee Williams) was born, raised, married, parented and laid to rest in Vulcan County….
Murray McLean
Murray McLeanVCHWF Trustee
Murray Wilson McLean was born on July 12, 1954, in Calgary to Ken and Doris McLean. He and his four siblings…