Bursary Application


• Bursaries are available for:

  • healthcare professionals working at an AHS sanctioned healthcare facility in Vulcan County.
  • individual members of Vulcan County Emergency Services associated with one of the Stations located in Arrowwood, Milo, Lomond, Vulcan, Champion, or Carmangay.
  • volunteer advocates of the Vulcan Regional Victims Services Society.

• You may only apply these funds towards the registration fee of a specific course or conference.

• The purpose of the course or conference must improve your skills – skills that will ultimately provide a direct benefit to the residents of Vulcan County and to non-resident individuals who happen to find themselves in distress i.e., medical emergency, motor vehicle accident, emotional trauma, mental health emergency, sudden death, etc. 

• Funds will be released to the individual upon proof of attendance and upon the individual’s submission of a short testimonial to the Foundation stating how this conference will benefit the residents of Vulcan County.

• Maximum value of each bursary is $500.00.

• All bursaries will be awarded on a “first come – first served” basis.

• Individuals may only apply for one bursary in the Foundation’s fiscal year which begins April 1 of each year and ends March 31 of the following year.

Vulcan Regional Victims Services Society: Serving the needs of victims of crime, trauma, and tragedy in the Vulcan Region. 

Volunteer advocates are not counselors or therapists. They are highly trained community volunteers, that provide confidential crisis intervention and timely follow up services to victims and their families who have been affected by crime or tragedy. 

The goal of victims services is to respond to the need of victims by providing support, information, and referrals, and crisis intervention. 

You can help support these community volunteers with the costs of training programs, by making a donation through the VCHW Foundation Bursary Program. 

Vulcan County Emergency Services works to lead our region to emergency preparedness.

 We strive to deliver the best possible fire protection and safety services to avoid loss of life and property through prevention, education and response. Vulcan County provides Regional Fire, Investigation, Inspection and Medical services from 6 Stations located in Arrowwood, Milo, Lomond, Vulcan, Champion, and Carmangay.

Vulcan County Emergency Services endeavors to exceed the Alberta Code of Practice for Firefighters (2008) ensuring that all Firefighters train to the NFPA 1001 Level II Professional Firefighter standard. Once completed, all Vulcan County Firefighters will perform annual competency skill checks demonstrating retention of knowledge and ability. To further enhance training, Vulcan County has recently completed construction on a Fire Training Facility. This facility will enable high angle rescue training, confined space training as well as provide a number of training scenarios to enable firefighters to be at a more proficient skill level.

You can help support these community volunteers with the costs of training programs, by making a donation through the VCHW Foundation Bursary Program. 

Bursaries for Health Care Professionals

  • The Vulcan County Health and Wellness Foundation is pleased to provide professional health care professionals, working in Vulcan County, with an opportunity to apply for a bursary to help offset the costs of taking supplementary courses to upgrade their education and/or to attend conferences in specialized areas of health care.


  • You are currently employed in a health care facility located in Vulcan County.
  • You have medical designation indicating that you are a recognized health care professional and legally authorized to practice in Alberta.
  • You are recommended by your immediate supervisor.

How to Apply

  • Click on this link to download the VCHWF Bursary Application Form.
  • Complete the application. Make sure your supervisor has completed Supervisor Recommendation area and that they have signed your application.
  • Submit your completed application form to Vulcan County Health and Wellness Foundation in person, by regular mail, or by e-mail.
    • In Person: Our office is located at 610 Elizabeth St (Vulcan Community Health Centre)
    • Regular Mail: P.O. Box 28, Vulcan, AB, T0L 2B0;
    • E-mail: vchw.foundation@gmail.com)

Having grown up in Vulcan County, I’ve loved the experience of growing within and transitioning through different roles in the healthcare system at the Vulcan Community Health Centre.

Over a year ago, I was hired at the Vulcan Community Health Centre as a healthcare aide. In the past few weeks, I have transitioned to working as an undergrad nurse. This new role has provided me with an entirely new set of roles and responsibilities. I am passionate for those in LTC that I have had the privilege to care for and build relationships with.  I am also passionate about the experience I am receiving from rural nursing that I am getting through the VCHC acute care setting.

My dream is to become a Registered Nurse and continue to work in Vulcan for years to come.

 Thank you for supporting the Bursary Program through Vulcan County Health and Wellness Foundation.

Ashley Stoperski, Healthcare Worker

I began my journey almost 7 years ago in the bridging program through Athabasca University from LPN to Register Nurse, Bachelor of Nursing. I have finally come to an end where I am presently completing my final practicum for my Bachelors of Nursing. I have been fortunate to have been placed in my own community of Vulcan in the public health office, where I can learn and impact health promotion.

I have a passion for health promotion and rural nursing. I have been fortunate to have been offered casual employment in Vulcan in the COVID Vaccine Clinics.

I truly believe in lifelong learning. I always strive to increase my knowledge and skills to directly benefit my nursing practice, which will benefit those receiving my care in the community.

Thank you for supporting the Bursary Program through the Vulcan County Health and Wellness Foundation.

Jillian Proud, Healthcare Worker

In my time working as a full-time nurse at the Vulcan Community Health Centre, I have care for people coming to the emergency department that have fallen from high ladders, been in vehicle collisions, flipped their ATV’s, and other similar accidents. I have learned between my training in nursing school, practical experience and from my peers, how to better handle these complex patients, but I am excited to take this course to learn a systematic way of caring for these individuals. In addition, I primarily work nights where there is less staffing on-site and less help available, meaning I need to improve my independence, and I believe this course will help me achieve this goal. 

Those in Vulcan County that experience a traumatic incident often pass through the doors of our Vulcan Community Health Centre emergency department, and the knowledge gained in this course will help me care for those people.

We thank our donors for supporting the bursary program which allows us to give support back to the community.

Lisa Jakobsen, Healthcare Worker

Thanks to your support of the Bursary Program, we are able to support one of Vulcan County’s Volunteer Victims Service Advocates with this training program. This training ensures that our Volunteer VSU Advocates are ready and able to assist our citizens during some of the worst times in life. 

Our volunteer VSU Advocate will participate in a five-week training program called the” First Responder to Sexual Assault and Abuse training.” 

This training will provide immense education and skill development and impact situations that require support from our Advocates.

Thank you for your support of the Bursary Program.

Cynthia McNeil Burke

VCHWF Trustees Donna Anderson, Glen Hutton, In front: Samantha Suitor, and Vice-Chair Andre Lacoursiere

I have always had a passion for helping people and giving back to the community. By the age of 16, I had been on four mission trips to help people not only from my community but other places in the world as well. At a young age, I knew that EMS was the field I wanted to go into. Joining the fire department was one of the best decisions because it fuelled my passion for first response and confirmed that this was the career I wanted. 

Going into the Primary Care Paramedic program will begin my career but also help my community. I will be able to apply my skills to my career and the fire department to first response calls. 

In a time where ambulances can have long response times, the more medically trained personnel in our departments, the more benefit for our community. 

Thank you for your support of the Bursary Program through Vulcan County Health and Wellness Foundation.

Samantha Suitor, First Responder

Leila’s Story

I wanted to send a note to Thank You all very much for the funding I received through the Vulcan County Health & Wellness Foundation Bursary Program. The PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) is the course that I recently took.

It was so wonderful that the Foundation exists and that you offer your financial and emotional support to Health Care Workers in the Community.

I have no doubt that this course has enhanced my knowledge, and my ability to care for pediatric patients at the Vulcan Community Care Centre.

I am proud to live in Vulcan County, and to continue to work at the VCHC, as I have for the past 14 Years!

Thank you again,

With sincere gratitude,

Leila Yaskiw RN., BN.

Leila Y.

Karen’s Story
Thank you for awarding me a bursary through Vulcan County Health & Wellness Foundation.

I have been working at the Vulcan Community Health Centre since January of 2018, as the Registration/Finance Clerk. I have been with Alberta Health Services since 2012.
In addition to having qualifications as a Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk, I have recently completed a course in Pathophysiology with CHA learning as a start to pursuing a certificate in Health Information Management, and have been accepted to the program as of July 2019.

My intention is to become certified in Medical Coding and learn from the current Health Information Management professionals at the Vulcan Community Health Centre.

I believe being trained in several aspects makes me a more effective employee in a rural Hospital.

I very much appreciate being awarded this bursary and will strive to use the knowledge in a way that supports the community.

Karen Carley

Karen C.

Karen’s Story
The Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC) delivers the knowledge, critical thinking and hands-on training needed to keep trauma patients safe and improve patient outcomes. Through a combination of textbook reading, online modules, classroom lectures, discussions and hands-on simulation, nurses are provided with a foundation of knowledge and skills to assess and assist in trauma situations. 
My current position at the Vulcan Community Health Centre includes working in the Emergency Department, often in the context of only 1 onsite RN during night shifts. TNCC is essential in ensuring that I can provide evidence-based nursing care confidently and efficiently.
I personally want to thank you, for making donations through the Vulcan County Health & Wellness Foundation, so that this opportunity exists for the healthcare professionals at your Vulcan Community Health Centre.

We thank Karen for sharing this story, and we thank you for your continued support. The Power of Community, we are better together.