Act 4 Health

The Road to Success: A Comprehensive Community Cancer Prevention Project

Between 2015 and 2019, 16 rural communities partnered with Alberta Health Services (AHS), Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund (ACPLF) to pilot The Road to Success: Comprehensive Community Cancer Prevention Project.

Vulcan’s journey started with the creation of Act 4 Health, an active group of community members that came together in February 2016. ACT 4 Health is grounded on four pillars of cancer prevention (healthy eating, active living, limiting UV exposure, and community connections). The team is comprised of representatives from the following five sectors:

1. Community-at-large: 

2. Community facilities and organizations: 

3. Healthcare: 

4. Workplaces: 

5. Schools: 

In addition to the core team, five key, ongoing partnerships were created with the Vulcan County Food Bank, Market Street Vulcan, the Vulcan County Health and Wellness Foundation, Vulcan Golf and Country Club and the Vulcan Country Early Childhood Development Coalition.

For a complete Community Impact Report highlighting Vulcan’s journey through this project, Click HERE.

Our Story Now…

ACT4HEALTH values the knowledge transfer and flexible response gained through a working coalition. They continue to meet regularly to share resources and problem-solve to meet the needs of community sectors. 

Vulcan and the surrounding area continue to benefit from their leadership.