Wellness Programs

Over 24,000 people cross the hospital threshold annually, seeking medical assistance. Life can change in the blink of an eye, as too many of us know. Having this additional space in our hospital will make room for a family-friendly palliative care room, a bright space for rehabilitation and a state of the art medical clinic. A Wellness Centre will be blended into the new build.

The Foundation believes wellness services takes an innovative approach to our health by integrating a broad spectrum of services that address the wellness of our body, mind, and spirit. Healthcare is always an ever-evolving process and our new space will be constructed to change as the demand for services advances. We are now putting into place plans for a blue-sky event to brainstorm the first and best use for the wellness space and resulting programming opportunities that make our communities healthy places to live and work. Again, with your help, we can continue to add positive health experiences to living in a rural setting.