Hugh N. Campbell

VCHWF Trustee

On April 8, 1956, I was born in the old Vulcan General Hospital that my Grandfather was the general contractor for during its construction. My family has lived in the Vulcan area for over a hundred years. My wife Janice and I live north of Vulcan and farm in the Buffalo Hills area. We have raised two children, Chase and Baily. 

I have been involved with several different volunteer organizations over the years but have recently become a Trustee to the Vulcan County Health and Wellness Foundation in 2019. I feel fortunate to be involved.  To see the culmination of all the hard work of past and present board members during the construction and then with this expansion project’s opening. 

I am aware that there is still a lot of hard work to do. Firstly to complete that project and to continue the vision of  Health and Wellness for this community. 

It is exciting to be involved with this group of dedicated individuals who want our community’s best.

I am looking forward to doing the work necessary to improve health in Vulcan County. 

My vision is for our Vulcan County Health and Wellness Foundation to innovate, develop, and educate generations of residents about the value of Living Healthy and Well for years to come.

Live Long and Prosper