Darian Ashbacher

VCHWF Trustee

I am a newer trustee, current Secretary, and ‘import’ to the Vulcan County area. I grew up on a mixed beef and grain farm in North/Central Alberta and, from a very young age, was instilled with a strong appreciation for the rural way of life. I met my husband at university while completing my BSc in Neuroscience and later completed my MSc in Speech-Language Pathology. Throughout my university career, and later as a working Speech-Language Pathologist, I found myself regularly reminded of the need for better services, especially health care related, to the rural population. I moved to Vulcan County, the Arrowwood area, in 2018. When approached, I was very excited by the opportunity to contribute to and get involved with this community in an impactful way.

I strongly believe in a proactive approach to health, focusing on wellness as a whole person and community and advocating for the provision of equivalent services in rural communities as those in urban.