Brenda Findlay

VCHWF Trustee

I have been a resident of Vulcan County since 1977. Throughout the years, I was intimately involved in Health Care and the Vulcan Community Health Centre. I have just recently retired from working at the hospital as an RN and Site Manager for a total of 43 years.  During that time, I was actively engaged in ensuring the most current medical and nursing services were employed in the hospital.  Some of those services included 1:1 obstetrical care, leading-edge Trauma Care, diabetic and cardiac teaching, and the most current practises in palliative care and continuing care. I continue to be passionate about the health care available to our rural residents and believe that we have an excellent facility and staff who go above and beyond in caring for their patients. I continue to support health care in Vulcan County through volunteer service on the VCHC Health Care Worker Attraction and Retention Committee, the VCHC Palliative Committee and the VCHW Foundation.