Jeff Mix

VCHWF Ambassador – Golf Committee

I’m honoured to share why I’ve become an Ambassador for the Vulcan County Health and Wellness Foundation in our wonderful community of Vulcan County.

 The Vulcan County Health and Wellness Foundation holds a special place in the community. Our local hospital is not just a medical institution; it’s a cornerstone of our community, a place where lives are saved and where the health and well-being of our neighbours are prioritized.

 Here’s why I proudly support and represent the Vulcan County Health and Wellness Foundation:

 1. Community Connection: Being part of this foundation means I’m actively contributing to the betterment of our community. It’s not just about health; it’s about the vitality and strength of Vulcan County as a whole.

2. Supporting Local Healthcare: Our local hospital serves as a lifeline for many. By being an Ambassador, I’m helping ensure that our hospital has the resources it needs to provide top-notch care to all residents.

3. Wellness Matters: Health and wellness are not just about treating illness but promoting a healthier lifestyle. The foundation’s initiatives go beyond the hospital to encourage healthy living and preventive care.

 As an Ambassador, I’m committed to spreading awareness about the foundation’s vital work and raising funds to support health and wellness in Vulcan County while inspiring others to get involved. Together, we can ensure that Vulcan County remains a place where health and wellness thrive and where our community continues to flourish.

 Join me in supporting the Vulcan County Health and Wellness Foundation, and together, let’s make our community even stronger and healthier.

 Live Long and Prosper!