County Wide Wellness Challenge

That’s a wrap on “County Wide Fitness Challenge 2020”

COVID-19 swept through the Country and left a trail of cancelled events and disappointed people in its wake. We stood up and said, “I don’t think so, Corona”!

We will give you the healthy respect that you deserve (for you are a beast), but you will not derail our mission to be a Healthier Community.

We will acknowledge your presence and give you a wide berth. With our collective creativity, we will move forward with our plans, thank you very much.

And we did.

When sponsors were backing away from events, left and right. Our sponsors stepped up to the plate and asked, “what do you need”?

How can we support this event? And support, they did give.

And you. You, the event participants, you came out en-mass and raised the registration numbers, which is much higher than in previous years.

Our Communities Fitness providers stepped up and worked hard to bring the exercise programs online so that you could participate in the safety of your own home. And when the regulations relaxed enough, there came the opportunity to come together in a socially distanced way. And the programs were delivered in the park so that you could enjoy the fresh air and sunshine together.

The sidewalk chalk messages of hope and inspiration did their job in lifting everyone’s spirits. And they were enjoyed by everyone, in all of the towns and villages.

You shared your bounty of healthy meals and encouraged others to make healthier eating choices.

You took the time to focus on your Mental/Emotional Health, and you cared for and about your neighbors and friends.

The past seven weeks have brought out the best in all of us. As individuals, as teams, as a group. And, most importantly, as a community.

I think we can all be proud of these accomplishments.

We want to send a heartfelt thank you to our Sponsors.


Vulcan County Health & Wellness Foundation, and its Board of Trustees

T-Shirt Sponsor;

Chinook Financial, Vulcan Branch Management and Staff

Youth and Elder Sponsor;

Life Med Pharmacy in Vulcan, Corey and Wendy Ramer

This Year’s Prize Sponsor;

The Town of Vulcan Rec Dept. Channing Schneider and Bonnie Ellis

Thank you;

Mike Inaba of Impact Impressions, for the T-Shirt Design

Mitch Winnicki,  “COVD-19”  Logo Design

Amanda Caldwell, of the CRPCN for Draw Prizes

Vicki & Glen Hutton, Sidewalk Chalk to Communities

Online Content Providers;

Ana Brown, Kona Fitness

Jessy Vooys, Rural Routes Fitness

Christi Tims, Dance Fit with Christi

Vulcan Yoga and Wellness, Karen, Jen, Starla, Jenna, Shawna, Shona

Thank you to the Town of Vulcan Recreation Summer Students, Spencer Schneider and Hailey Logan for the windup video.

Thank you to our windup guest speaker Evan Wardley

Special thank you to the Committee Members that worked so hard to make this year the best!

Maxine McKinnon

Kelly Nash

Vicki Hutton

Tracy Inaba

Lorraine Kirk

Karen Carley

Kari Thiessen

Special thanks to; Angie Seaman, Clarice Gilbert, Channing Schneider

Continue supporting each other, and see you in 2021!

Vulcan County Wide Fitness Challenge, and Bonus Points

As you have no doubt guessed by now, the Vulcan County Wide Fitness Challenge Committee has been finding ways to be creative.

Given our current circumstances and the need to be aware of all of the Protocols of our Federal and Provincial Governments, and Alberta Health Services, this year’s challenge incorporates your physical and emotional wellness and your nutrition. So based on these items, here is the structure for which you can claim Bonus Points in this year’s Challenge.

All of the items listed below are worth 5 Bonus Points, and PLEASE, include your Team Name.

  1. When you prepare a nutritious meal, we want you to take a photo, along with the recipe and post a photo of both, and share it with the “Vulcan County Wide Fitness Challenge” Facebook page. 
  2. Beginning May 4th, if you participate in any of the exercise programs offered on our Facebook page, take your photo and post to the Facebook page.
  3. You will notice that we have posted many emotional wellness resources, and will continue to post links to many Mental Wellness webinars, workshops etc. If you participate in any of these, each one is worth 5 Bonus Points.
  4. The Committee has dropped off buckets of sidewalk chalk in each of our communities in the County. Take a photo and post your message of inspiration to others.

We will add more opportunities for Bonus Points as Social Distancing allows, and we will communicate as we develop them.

Thank you,

Your Fitness Challenge Committee