Facility Update: 

We all want a life that is full and enriching in our beautiful small community. Ways we do this are by fostering solid relationships, having jobs that provide opportunity and growth, volunteering, access to recreation and quality healthcare.

We want to ensure that should you require healthcare services in our community that you have access to the best resources available. This is why with your help we have built a state of the art healthcare facility in Vulcan County.

In 2011 our Trustees saw a desperate need to enhance the current Vulcan Community Health Centre. Today with your dedicated commitment to ensuring Vulcan County residents have access to the highest quality health care we have achieved this goal.

Our newly built Vulcan Health and Wellness Center has added 800 square meters of state of the art facilities to the existing VCHC.

This includes:

  • Having a greater level of care and access to your family physician in the new medical clinic. It provides enough office space, examining rooms, and equipment to accommodate future growth in the County of Vulcan.
  • Moving the Rehabilitation Services and the Adult Day Support Programs into a more accessible bright healing area in the new wing.
  • A stunning state of the art Wellness Centre. This area has a multipurpose room which can be used for the long term care residents, Christmas parties, family get togethers, for community programming, health education and wellness programs.
  • We also have created high-tech meeting rooms which are used to focus on areas of education both in person and virtual. Now residents no longer have to travel to learn about new and exciting healthcare advances.
  • The new Health and Wellness Center has greatly improved Vulcan County residents access to health care services.

The new facility has already been well utilized read more about how HERE.