As health care providers the staff of Deja View believe in supporting and promoting events and activities that enhance health and quality of life.  Eye health is often impacted by an individual’s overall general health.  Diseases such as diabetes, for example, which can be diet and lifestyle induced, are a leading cause of blindness.  Good nutrition and an active, healthy lifestyle help to ward off and/or delay the onset of a variety of eye health issues.  This is particularly true as we age.  Our office believes that putting our support behind events such as this contributes to our mission of providing excellent eye care and helping patients to maintain the best possible eye health.  As well, in these Covid times, when mental health issues are spiking, exercise is particularly important for, and relevant to, buffering mental health challenges.  Mental health and physical health are two ends of the same rope and they impact each other both positively and negatively.  Our office supports anything that helps to improve all these aspects of health.

Dr. Glenn Garlock and Staff , Deja View Eyecare

While we have always strived to feature Canadian made products here at Sarini Fine Jewellery, this past year has truly shown us the importance of buying Canadian, as well as shopping and supporting small business.

When Dale and I began talking about how we wanted to move forward in the wake of Covid-19, we began searching for more suppliers who manufactured here in Canada.  We were able to source out three new suppliers, including a Canadian gem cutter, Lisa Elser, of Lisa Elser Gems.  

There are only a handful of Canadian gemstone cutters, so that in and of itself was exciting, but what was also wonderful was finding a female gem cutter – that is about as rare as a pink diamond!  This past Christmas, we were excited to debut four of Lisa’s custom cut loose gemstones. Lisa travels the world for ethically sourced rough gemstones, and then precision cuts them in her studio in Vancouver.  

Like us, Lisa not only believes in buying ethically sourcing gemstones, and she also has made a commitment to give back to the communities the gems are sourced from. Recently, she donated funds towards purchase of an ultrasound machine and medical laboratory microscope to Dr. Ikem Onwude in Abuja, Nigeria.  She also happens to be a fellow American Gem Trade Association Member.  The AGTA is the world’s leading authority in colored gemstones and pearls, and we’re proud to be one of the 17 Canadian members.

In honor of the spirit of giving, we announced that we would give 10% of the purchase price of Lisa’s gems back to the Vulcan County Health and Wellness Foundation.

We’re pleased to announce that all of Lisa’s gemstones have sold, which means a $255 donation for the Vulcan County Health and Wellness Foundation.  We look forward to showcasing more of Lisa’s gems, and continuing donations to the Vulcan County Health and Wellness Foundation.

Sandra Locken, Sarini Fine Jewellery