Licensed supportive living, long-term care and hospice 


Lifting restrictions 

As of July 13, 2021, Alberta is starting Phase 1 of a staged approach to lifting COVID-19 restrictions in licensed supportive living, long-term care and hospice. 

Some measures will be lifted first, followed by others at a later date. 

Timing of lifting restrictions 

Since December 2020, there has been a 99 per cent reduction in the number of active COVID cases in these settings 

Vaccinations have provided significant protection for residents and staff in these settings. The best protection is to get fully vaccinated. 

Impact of changes 

Aside from a handful of preventative restrictions being maintained for the time being, activities and processes on site will resume pre-pandemic status, including presence of family, friends and support persons; recreation activities; and dining arrangements. 

Restrictions in place 

Until further notice, the following restrictions remain in place: 

Health Assessment Screening and continuous masking for staff, volunteers and service providers. 

Visiting persons are required to wear a mask continuously in common areas and be screened upon entry. 

Twice daily high-touch cleaning requirements in common areas 

Select quarantine/isolation requirements, when needed 

Outbreak expectations 

COVID-19 Outbreaks 

COVID-19 outbreaks may still happen and operators will still be expected to adhere to strict outbreak protocols. 

Visiting and Vaccines 

Unvaccinated visiting persons (including children under 12) are strongly encouraged to wear a mask even in resident room/private areas, especially in high acuity settings. ©2021 Government of Alberta | Published: July 2021 Classification: Public 

Rule setting 

Within the bounds of existing legislative requirements, operators may review pre-pandemic processes and/or house rules. They are expected to work with you on any changes that impact you, directly. 

Operators must have a concerns and complaints process in place and must support the formation and activity of Resident and Family Council for active inclusion of resident/family voice in operating decisions. 


If you are concerned about these changes and what they mean for you, please discuss with your site contact. 

If you have serious concerns that you have not been able to resolve with the site (or aren’t comfortable discussing), please reach out to 

Audits and inspections 

Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services will continue to inspect/audit operators against CMOH Order and legislative requirements. 

You may be asked to (voluntarily) participate in an interview as a part of this process. 


Continuing Care Standards: 

• Disease Management Guidelines: 

Public Reporting: