S.O.S Kare Kits

(Support Our Staff Kare Kits)

Staff at the Vulcan Community Health Centre (Vulcan Hospital)  have always worked under stressful medical field conditions. Not unlike all of us, this has been compounded by the Covid-19 Pandemic rules and restrictions.

In conversation with one of our nurses in April of 2020, our healthcare team’s daily struggles were identified. A basket of donated items was sent as a “Thank You” when the first lock-down was in full swing. And it was much appreciated, and the articles were well utilized. 

As the COVID-19 reality extends, the stressors on our human resources at the VCHC also continue. Some of the significant stressors have been longer/or double shifts due to staff shortages or inclement weather.  The hours of operation along with COVID-19 restrictions that impact local services in our community. And typical rural living challenges. An example is that there is no 24 hour cafeteria in the VCHC and no 24-hour stores or restaurants open in Vulcan.  We know that many citizens in the community have offered to provide meals in the past. However, the restrictions around COVID-19 have and still impact the ability for heartwarming gestures like this to occur. But the heartfelt intent is so very appreciated by the staff. 

After doing some brainstorming with some of the support staff and the staff at Carey Insurance Agency Inc. (a local business that decided to spearhead this idea), we came up with the S.O.S. KARE KITS. There will be 2 types of kits that will support the staff at the Vulcan Health Centre. 

1. Nutrition Theme Kit:

This kit will hold a variety of nutritious grab and go food items. They will provide some needed energy for the support staff if they find themselves stuck in a situation where they need some quick fuel for their bodies. 

2. Personal Hygiene Kits:

This kit will be located in staff bathrooms. Which will house items that may be needed for personal care, such as dental, personal hygiene products and feminine hygiene products, as a few examples. 

Although these kits may seem like a small gesture, we hope that these kits will help decrease some of our healthcare workers’ daily stress and show our appreciation for all that they do for our community. 

Carey Insurance Agency Inc., an agency of the Co-operators, has donated all the materials and contents to start the kits. We estimate that it will cost approximately $100/month to keep these kits stocked so the program can be ongoing. All products are being sourced by local businesses. The plan will be to keep purchasing all of the items locally to support local business. 



As a Vulcan County Health & Wellness Foundation program, any donation of $20 or more will receive a Tax Receipt.

The Vulcan Community Health Centre has recently dealt with an outbreak of Covid 19. And the SOS Kare Kits were a tremendous support to our healthcare workers. 

Thank you from the staff at VCHC.

This is when it counts the most! We have staff putting in extra shifts and working extended hours.  The added snacks and beverages help give us a boost both physically and mentally!