Get Involved

Create Your Own Fundraising Event

Ask your colleagues to bring lunch from home for a group picnic in a lovely green space anywhere in the County of Vulcan. You could then donate the money that would have been spent on buying a lunch. But best of all it is a reason to enjoy lunch with friends in the outdoors.

Select a day in which colleagues can wear clothes that differ from your regular office dress code in return for a donation.

Millennials are making a difference everyday with peer-to-peer fundraising through Birthday Campaigns. Instead of gifts, the individual creates online fundraising on their SM pages and asks their friends and loved ones to donate. There are endless possibilities for campaigns, from 5k run/walks to Wedding Celebrations to Challenges

An evening of hors d’oeuvres or dinner at the homes of friends. Everyone donates a set amount, equivalent to a night out.

Have a party, charge admission, and have people bring lots of food. Make it more interesting, dress as your favorite player or make it mandatory to wear football/hockey clothing for entry.

Ask all your friends and family to put aside their spare change to be added to the Super Change Jar. Make it a fun school or club event!

Ask the members of your Book Club to donate the cost of a copy of your current reading selection, each time you select a new book to read. At the end of the year you would have a wonderful donation.

For those of you who belong to organizations or service clubs, consider donating the proceeds of one of your events to the VCHW Foundation. Make the event competitive between businesses, organizations or other service clubs.


Volunteer Your Time

  • Click here if you would like to JOIN OUR TEAM as a member of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

  • Click here if you would like to JOIN OUR TEAM as a VCHWF Ambassador.

  • Click here if you would like to JOIN OUR TEAM as a member of one of the Foundation’s Advisory Committees.

  • Click here if you would like to JOIN OUR TEAM by volunteering at an event or helping our Executive Administrator at our office in the Vulcan Community Health Centre.

Become a Corporate Partner
• Check out our Honorific and Philanthropic Naming program.
• Educate your employees and stakeholders about the importance of keeping our Vulcan Community Health Centre viable and sustainable.
• Raise awareness the importance of wellness.
• Engage your employees in volunteer opportunities.
• Offer customers a discount on your goods and /or services and then donate that amount to the foundation.

Ask for Donations in lieu of Gifts
Examples of occasions to ask for donations in lieu of gifts are: Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary, Wedding Shower, Graduation, Birthday, Retirement, Baby Shower, Religious Ceremony

Click Here to download the Planned Giving Brochure.

Now you can get rid of that old clunker car or truck that has been in your yard forever and get a tax receipt too. 1-877-250-4904
Farmers have been giving $1 an acre or growing a set number of acres in a season and donating to the Foundation. Call for details.
• Gail Wark 403-485-4001
• Gord Nelson 403-485-8078
• Andre Lacoursiere 403-485-1748
• Hugh Campbell 403-485-1537
• Jim McNiven 403-485-0806